Friday, 18 May 2012


No, dear friends, I am not having an affair,(well perhaps that's not exactly true).  After much thought and looking on the internet, I have bought a Cuttlebug and I just LOVE IT!!
My fiend Sandie from Scrappy Snippets has one. I had been inspired by some of the lovely cards on her blog. Also the wonderful ideas online really got me excited me so I decided that I couldn't possibly live much longer without  one myself.

I can't believe just how versatile these machines are.  With just a few embossing folders and dies you can make such lovely cards.  Of course there are way too many to choose from and the temptation to spend the grocery money is quite easy. I'm only joking!  I usually look on Ebay for the "buy it now and free post listings but have also purchased a couple of items from online stores.


These are only first attempts on inexpensive cards with just the papers I found in my stash. When I improve, I will buy more expensive cards, the finished article always turns out better if you use good quality papers. I have also made two of the "tag" shapes by hand drawing the shape on paper, gluing it on thin perspex (I used the perspex from the pack that the dies came in) and carefully cutting it out. Then it's easy to draw around the shape on the back of your chosen paper with a pencil and cut it out. That's how I made the tag in the card above.

I was quite happy with this black and white card. I have three sympathy cards also but they aren't finished yet.  I'ts hard to see but I've put some tiny red gems on the tag and the flourish.  I'm still mastering the art of  very gently sticking down the "flourish" die-cuts. They are so small and delicate, I love them.


  1. well done Vickie they look terrific.xx

  2. I Vicki, thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in the giveaway.

    This looks like a really interesting piece of equipment, no doubt you're going to make very good use of it.

  3. Vicki, I love your cards! Like you I am a great fan of flourishes and have several in my large stash of dies - I do wish we could have a 'cardmaking day' together! Your idea about doing your own tag templates is great, and so sensible. I am always wishing I had one just that bit larger or smaller - clever you! I love my Cuttlebug too, and I love your style of cards. Big hugs, Sandie