Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Goodness things work fast in blogland.  No sooner had I welcomed three new members on my other blog,  Life's Good,  but I see that Helen has also joined me here so a warm welcome to you and I hope you like finding out a bit more about me and my other interests.  There's always something new to discover and try out so there will be plenty to find out about here
Take care,

Vicki x


Firstly, a warm welcome to two new followers Shez and Cheryll.  I was very happy to meet Shez last Sunday at the Embroidery exhibition here in Ballarat. We discovered that we are "neighbors" living only about 30 minutes from each other!  I've made some lovely blog friends and hope to make some more.

I wanted to show you some of the porcelain dolls that I used to make a few years ago.
 I belonged to a group where the lady poured the molds then we did the rest. Sanding, painting, wigging eye-lashes etc then we made the outfits to dress them in.  I loved making them but have to confess that I have several dolls still in pieces awaiting stringing and dressing. My excuse is that I have nowhere safe to display them as my cat Harry would knock them down, but to be honest, I just haven't got around to finishing them!

This is Aaron.  He's life size and has porcelain head and hands and a soft body.  I love his face.

This is Sugar Britches. She also has porcelain head and hands. I pinned  my daughter's baby bracelet and name brooch on her dress.  Isn't she beautiful?

These are six sweet little boys and girls.  They each fit easily into the palm of my hand.

Here is one of my Christmas angels. He hangs on the wall above my computer so I can see him each day.

Aren't these little angels sweet?  They also hang on a wall all year.  They are too pretty to put away  with the decorations.   I promise to show you more of my porcelain family in the future.

Blessings to you all,

Vicki x